Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bite Sized Cucumber Rolls

Bite Sized Cucumber Rolls

Welcome to a whole new world, vertically sliced cucumbers!! So instead of cutting down the width of a cuke to get the normal round pieces the way most people cut them, this appetizer uses the novel approach of slicing the cucumber length ways from top to bottom then filling with yummies & rolling it up. You only need a few simple ingredients to get started: 

Cheese, I prefer Havarti because it provides a mild taste & is softer which helps in the rolling aspect. But you can switch it up to whatever suits your fancy.
Philadelphia Cream Cheese I chose smoked salmon, but this is also interchangeable. 
Cherry Tomatoes 
Long English Cucumber, best to use this variety, the skin is thin and edible

Do your prep & always remember to wash your veggies. You are going to take your cuke & cut it carefully lengthwise, this can be done with a knife or even better a cheese cutter. The thinner the slices the easier rolling will be.

Place a small slice of Havarti, a nickle sized wad of the Philly and half of a cherry tomato on one end of the cucumber.

Now Roll It Up!

*This might take a little practice , use a tooth pick to secure if you need to :)

These are tasty can be made with different ingredients to suit your palate, and are a pretty healthy option. I don't feel guilty eating these, I usually make up a plate of these and stash them in the fridge for when my belly in in snack mode.

If you don't have or like cucumbers or just want to try something new, throw those ingredients on a cracker. Any kind will do. I found these guys at Superstore, they are called Twistos, they are baked bread & come in a super delish Bruschetta flavor, check it:

I put the cracker then cucumber, smoked salmon philly & half a cherry tomato!

Another version of the same idea: cracker, cream cheese, half a cherry tomato & a slice of green pepper, Voila!! It also looks festive for Christmas get togethers...Make it Your Own, The Possibilities Are Endless, Enjoy :)

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